Vinyl Siding

Considering changing the appearance of your home?

When considering your home’s exterior, you actually have a handful of possibilities — stone, vinyl, shakes, wood or metal.

Vinyl siding is the most widely used choice these days and it is very likely the leading option for your home as well.

How Much Will it Cost?
Start the installationInstalled vinyl is generally the lowest cost option for most home owners. When you check out the material costs of various siding, keep in mind that the price to install vinyl is far less than cedar or wood lap siding. One of the main factors wood is a lot more expensive to install is mainly because wood takes much longer to actually put on the house plus then needs painting.

What Are a Few of the Benefits?
1. The big benefit of vinyl is it doesn’t require just about any big maintenance. Clearly, you should wash it or hose it down once in while, but it won’t need any staining or painting like wood lap siding will.

2. You can buy it in a range of shades, styles and designs. A lot of models look like typical wood siding, however there are different designs as well.
Construction is underway
3. The installed price of vinyl is almost always lower than stucco, aluminum, stucco or brick.

4. You are able to include an underlayment that can boost the energy performance of your house.

5. Destructive pesky insects, such as termites, do not like vinyl.

6. It can’t rot or weather like wood can, and it will not dent like aluminum.

Does it Have Any Drawbacks?
Even though vinyl is sold in a great number of lighter colors, it is typically not for sale in darker colors. Since darker colors absorb far more heat than lighter tones, dark plastic siding will physically expand a lot more than lighter shades of plastic, which makes it too likely to buckle during times of extreme heat.

Good looking houseFor those who have a beautiful older property, re-siding it with new vinyl is probably not your best choice. But if you decide to go along with new vinyl siding, make sure your installer will leave as many of the traditional details as they possibly can.

Pretty much any exterior siding which is regularly exposed the sun will fade just a bit after a long time. While the best vinyl products resist fading, south facing installations might fade just a bit eventually.

And while an individual can paint vinyl an alternative light color should you want to, painting it will possibly the manufacturer’s guarantee. Almost all house owners wait to paint their siding until it’s older and they feel like having a change in appearance.

Can I Put it On Myself?
Proper assembly is necessary when installing vinyl. Veteran installers know how to do it.

Carefully installed vinyl can contract or enlarge on account of the weather. It expands when really hot, and if it is set up incorrectly by the homeowner who maybe has never successfully done it before, individual sections might actually expand and buckle on extremely warm days.
Construction is done
Seasoned contractors also know the best way to conceal the seams joining panels. A professionally finished job will certainly look much better when compared with a home owner’s endeavor. But just about any future fixes to a small part of the siding are generally not hard to get done and many home owners might successfully fix small holes or switch out a damaged panel.

So what’s The Next Step?
You can find a number of options when it come to vinyl siding. These styles include color, pattern, style, insulating aspects and panel thickness.

Having a meeting with a knowledgeable contractor will help you decide which brand and model is right for your house. He or she will also give you a job estimate of what it would cost to install.

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