Vinyl Siding Costs and Options for Your Home

Could your house use a small facelift? Want to do something about it?

Installing great-looking new siding on your home will significantly improve your house’s curb appeal.

Because it’s often the least expensive siding to put in, and it also requires almost zero routine maintenance, most homeowners decide that vinyl is the top option for their exterior siding project.

How Much Is it Going to Cost Here in My Neighborhood?

Modern vinyl is usually the lowest cost choice for most home owners.

If you compare the product expense of siding, the cost to install vinyl is much less than wood or cedar siding.

A brief chat with a siding pro can provide the details you have to know regarding options and costs and what is best for your house.

There Are Several Key Benefits to Vinyl

  • The number one advantage of vinyl is it does not need any real maintenance. Maybe you rinse it off once in a while, but you won’t be painting or staining it every few years.
  • Because it goes up simple and fast, it usually has the lowest cost of any type of siding.
  • You have choices when it comes to colors and styles. Many styles look like classic wood lap siding.
  • You have the option to add in an insulation backing that will improve the energy performance of your house.
  • It comes with easy coordinating trim for your doors and windows.
  • The majority of pests, like termites, are not attracted to it at all.

What Else?

Vinyl may not be the best choice for homeowners who want a super dark color house or for owners of historical houses.

When vinyl is put up on your home, it is nailed in a way which allows it to expand a little.

But dark vinyl can attract too much sun and warmth and expand too much.

It may not be the perfect choice for owners of classic houses either.

Some vintage properties have those awesome period features. You don’t want to cover them.

Keeping the exterior surface the same as it once was is usually best.

You shouldn’t notice any fading with light vinyl, but some fading may develop on the sunny side of the house eventually.

If it ever fades or when you get tired of the color, you can simply have it painted if you want.

I’m Handy – Can I Try the Installation Myself?

Putting up vinyl siding isn’t the most difficult home repair there is, but it is tougher than it looks.

Making the end result look perfect is not easy.

Veteran specialists know from experience how to get it done.

Properly attached vinyl will shrink or expand slightly depending upon the present temperature.

Beginners sometimes screw that part up.

Local Pros Get it Done Right

Folks who have sided numerous houses before are aware of the strategies to make sure your house looks fantastic when it’s all done. No problems.

When your project is completed, you want to have a new exterior which looks terrific. You don’t want to have any blemishes with it.

How Does a Homeowner Repair Vinyl?

Most of the time, repairing a piece of vinyl is not difficult.

You just have to be able to take the bad piece off and then put on a good piece.

That’s basically it. It’s not as difficult as it seems.

Vinyl Siding Costs and Estimates

A brief phone conversation will give you the info on price ranges and options.

An easy property inspection will allow for a more perfect job quote.

It doesn’t cost anything to get some advice or a cost estimate.

Thinking About It? Not Sure What Step to Take?

Once you choose vinyl, you’ll have a number of different styles to select from.

Vinyl comes in all kinds of patterns, colors and thicknesses.

There are numerous producers to pick from as well.

People typically have concerns about which siding option would be best suited for their home.

By getting together with a qualified installer, you can find out whether or not vinyl would be the best for your place or if a different option could be better.

He or she will also be able to come up with an estimate of the price ranges in your neighborhood.

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