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Would your home look better with a new exterior?

The best means to significantly strengthen your house’s curb appeal is to have new siding installed on it.

A lot of eastern Seattle home owners believe that vinyl siding is their preferred choice for their house.

What Could it Cost Here in Bellevue?

Good quality exterior vinyl siding is traditionally the most inexpensive choice today.

When you research the material prices of various siding, keep in mind that the labor cost to attach vinyl is considerably lower than cedar shakes or redwood.

Chatting with a local siding professional will help you understand the alternatives perfect for your house.

And what the final cost could be.

Why is Vinyl So Popular?

  • It’s available in many shades, styles and patterns. A lot of designs look like conventional wood lap siding, however there are different patterns too.
  • The installed price tag of vinyl is nearly always cheaper than stucco, brick, wood or aluminum.
  • You can easily include an underlayment which may improve the energy performance of your house.
  • Insects and bugs do not like vinyl in the way they like wood.
  • And in case someday you get bored of your house’s color, you could paint it too.
  • The big benefit of vinyl is it does not need any sort of significant maintenance. For sure, you might wash it a little or hose it off now and then, but it is not going to need painting like a wood product does.

Common Disadvantages

If you love a dark color on your house, you may have difficulty locating darker vinyl.

Almost all the shades are light.

Darker vinyl siding may cause problems because a dark color may soak up too much sun and heat.

When vinyl gets hot, it expands. Some movement is okay, but dark siding may expand too much and cause trouble.

If you have a very old house, it might not be a good option for vinyl.

If you wish to go with installing new vinyl, make sure the work crew will not removed as many of the principal details as they possibly can.

Light colored vinyl is not going to fade very much. That’s good.

But it might get stained. Sometimes ignored stains are difficult to wash off.

And the heat from an outdoor grill can shrink siding.

You can’t shove the grill up against your house until it has cooled down.

Are There Choices With the Installation? Could I Do It myself?

Adding vinyl siding on your house is not the most challenging work there is, but it is a little more difficult than it looks.

This type of siding expands when it’s hot, and if it is fitted incorrectly by the homeowner who maybe has never undertaken it before, panels might even buckle on extremely hot days.

An experienced work team figures out where the potential trouble spots can be and how to avoid them.

They’ve got the experience to get it done the best way.

Reliable Downtown Bellevue Installers Deliver Good Results

There’s a right way and a worse way to install siding.

A veteran crew knows the best methods to do it.

You and your neighbors will be having to look at your siding for years to come.

You really want it to look like a professional job.

What About Repairs?

Repairs are typically easy.

But almost any potential repairs to small sections of the siding are usually straightforward to get done and a large number of homeowners may quickly patch small holes or replace a ruined panel.

Cost to Install or Replace Vinyl Siding Near Bellevue

We can go over your situation, give a suggestion or two, and then write up an estimate for the home.

Call for some advice and a no-charge estimate.

First Decisions

You’ll have several different styles to pick from.

Your installer will help you narrow your list down some.

You’ll have a lot of different styles and colors and producers to decide between.

You will be able to see several products that will be ideal.

The best way to determine whether your home is a good prospect to have vinyl siding put in is to discuss it with an experienced contractor.

They will be able to explain to you all the options as well as which solution they feel is the best one for your home.

Meeting with a expert contractor can also result in receiving a firm cost estimate for vinyl siding installation at your home.

Let’s Get Your Siding Fixed

Get a great looking home exterior in downtown Bellevue and the neighboring areas of Beaux Arts Village, Hunts Point, Clyde Hill, Medina, Enatai, Meydenbauer, West Bellevue and the 98005, 98039 and 98004 zip code areas.

We can work in all the suburbs too – Bothell, Bridle Trails, Crossroads and Interlake, Kirkland, Lake Hills, Lakemont, Mercer Island, Redmond, Overtake, Somerset and Wilburton.

Reserve a few minutes and grab the phone.


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