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Thinking about doing something with that outdated siding on your home?

The speediest tactic to change how your house looks is to redo the siding.

There are a couple of kinds of siding to think about, but for the majority of regular Wallingford residential scenarios, vinyl is the solution that is picked the most often.

What Should it Cost Here in Fremont?

Modern vinyl siding is nearly always the most affordable choice for most homeowners.

When you research the material costs of various siding, consider that the price to attach vinyl is far less than cedar or wood lap siding.

Once you speak with a local home siding specialist, you will quickly learn what you have to know.

You can find out about options, costs, styles and even pick up a few tips.

Why WA Homeowners Install Vinyl

  • The installed price of vinyl is almost always lower than aluminum, stucco, brick or wood.
  • You can easily include an insulation option which will increase the energy performance of your home.
  • Easy maintenance is the first big benefit. You won’t have to paint it every few years.
  • You have a lot of options when it comes to colors and styles. Many styles mimic the look of wood lap siding.
  • Bugs and insects do not like vinyl the way they love wood.
  • And when at some point you get bored of your home’s color, you may get it painted too.

It’s Not Right for Every Homeowner

Though vinyl is sold in many various colors, it is typically not available in dark colors.

Very dark vinyl can soak up so much sun and heat that it will expand a little too much and create problems.

In addition, dark colors can fade. It’s simply best to use a light color.

If you have a classic older home, vinyl is probably not the right choice either.

Vintage houses are often best left with the same type of siding that they originally had.

Vinyl may fade somewhat, particularly on the south or west side of a home.

And those old stains can be a real problem if they aren’t cleaned off quickly enough.

Some day in the future, if your siding does turn faded or stained, or you just get tired of the color, you can always paint it a new color.

Should I Attempt to Install Siding Myself?

Installing vinyl siding is not the most challenging job there is, but it is a little hard.

It’s best to have an experienced crew do it.

An installer with a history of completing these jobs understands the challenging portions of the process which could trip up a less experienced worker.

Dependable Green Lake Installers Produce Good Results

A small team with the proper gear can get your project done the best way possible.

And they do the work really quick too.

You and your neighbors will be living with your new siding for years.

You want to make certain it looks like it was installed by professionals.

When It Needs Repair One Day – How Does That Work?

An ordinary repair job is not usually difficult.

You’ll figure out how to disconnect and remove the bad piece.

A common replacement of a panel or two takes about an hour and requires the purchase of one $4 tool.

Vinyl Siding Prices In Fremont – What Will it Cost?

Let’s discuss costs right on the phone.

You might also arrange a day for us to come by your home to give a complete quote.

Just call and ask any questions you may have.

Ready to Take the First Step?

You’ll have several different styles to choose from.

Your installer may help you narrow your list down somewhat.

Some of these varieties involve quality, color, style, insulation characteristics and panel thickness.

There are a few suppliers to select from.

And you get to select from various colors and patterns, plus panel thickness and overall quality.

Putting together a quick appointment with an experienced home contractor is the best way to find out if vinyl siding is the best route for you to take.

A smart specialist will go over your options and they can provide you with their qualified opinion.

During a quick meeting with a professional contractor, you will receive an estimate of exactly what it would cost to put up vinyl around your property.

Take the Initial Step – Talk with a Local Pro

We work all over north central Seattle – Fremont, Green Lake, Wallingford, Woodland Park Zoo area, 98103, 98105, 98107 and 98115 zip code areas.

Just phone for more information.


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