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Your house’s exterior not really looking so great these days? You can improve it.

A house’s siding may last many years, but it can’t last forever.

Maybe it’s time to update yours?

A lot of the home re-siding projects in Portland are utilizing some sort of vinyl siding.

What Should it Cost Near Wilburton or Woodbridge?

Installed vinyl is typically the lowest cost choice in our state.

If you compare the product expense of house siding, consider that the labor cost to put up vinyl is a lot less than cedar or wood lap siding.

Once you talk with a local house siding pro, you will quickly learn what you need to know.

You can find out about styles, costs, options and may even pick up a few tips.

Vinyl Delivers Several Key Benefits

  • The primary major advantage of vinyl is maintenance. It does not need any. Just hose off the dirt occasionally.
  • You have a lot of choices when it comes to colors and styles. Many styles mimic the appearance of wood lap siding.
  • Because installation is quick and easy, it usually has the lowest price of any type of siding.
  • You are able to integrate an insulation option which may raise the energy performance of your residence.
  • Potentially destructive pesky insects, like termites, don’t like vinyl like they do wood.
  • It will never rot like wood might, and it cannot dimple like aluminum may.

It’s Sensible and Affordable, But it’s Not Perfect

Vinyl works for most homeowners, but it may not work well with homeowners who want a dark colored house or those who own an older historic house.

Vinyl should expand when it’s subjected to direct sun and heat.

Some expansion is fine. But very dark hues can attract too much sun and expand more than it can handle.

Vinyl looks great on most homes.

But if your home is an older classic one, it may look better having the original kind of siding.

If you wish to move ahead with putting up new vinyl, be sure that your technicians will not cover up as many of the distinctive characteristics as possible.

Vinyl could fade a little bit, particularly on the west or south side of a house.

And those stains can be a problem too if they are not washed off quickly enough.

And some day if your siding does look faded or stained, or you simply grow bored with the color, you can always paint it a new color.

Should I Try to Do It By Myself?

Putting On vinyl siding isn’t the hardest job, but it’s difficult to do it right.

You can try doing the work yourself. If you’re careful and a little bit lucky, it might turn out okay.

But it might not end up okay. Then what?

Talk To a Western Washington Professional With Plenty of Experience

Workers who have done this work before are aware of the tricks to having the finished product looking as good as it can.

You and your neighbors will be looking at your home’s siding for many years.

You want it to look like a professional job.

If It Requires Repair Someday – How Does That Work?

Repairs are usually pretty easy. Provided that the damaged area isn’t high off the ground.

An ordinary replacement of a panel or two will take around an hour and calls for you to purchase one inexpensive tool.

What Will This Cost?

Using the size and type of home you have, general cost quotes can be provided over the phone.

Call for a little information, a recommendation or two, or to receive an estimate.

Where Do I Get Started?

You have choices when it comes to which specific kind of exterior material you want on your house.

There’ll be several manufacturers, styles and colors to check out.

You will see quite a few you like. Then you just pick the best one.

If you want to determine if your home is right for vinyl siding, the right way to do it is to get an experienced installer to visit your house.

They can give you their advice and also tell you about all of the different options for you to take into account.

You could receive a decent estimation of what it would actually cost to put up vinyl around your home after meeting with a professional contractor.

Where Do I Start?

We work on exterior projects around King County, especially in the neighborhoods of Woodbridge and the 98007 and 98005 zip codes.

Speak with somebody who can help.


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